Saturday, November 12, 2011

Junior Dos Santos Knockout Of Cain Velasquez After One Minute Worst Case Scenario for UFC/Fox

As someone who wants to see the UFC succeed on Fox, this was the worst case scenario.  A challenger defeating a champion one minute into the fight with one hard shot to the side of the head.

Dos Santos is powerful, quick, and agile.  His ascent to the heavyweight throne was inevitable.  However, most thought that Velasquez would provide more of a fight.  Perhaps the 12-month layoff was too much for Velasquez to overcome.  Perhaps it didn't matter and Dos Santos is just that good.

In any case, this quick knockout can not be what Fox and UFC President Dana White wanted.  It would have been better to at least seen some back-and-forth punches.  Perhaps a little grappling.  Even some ground and pound.  Not this.

Let's remember that Shane Carwin most recently took Dos Santos to three rounds before he lost in a decision.  Carwin's jaw seems a lot more sturdy than Velasquez.  The Heavyweight ranks seem a bit muddled, but Dos Santos seems like the kind of champion who could dominate for a while.

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