Thursday, November 10, 2011

Insane Video Of a Mountain Biker Being Charged By An African Antelope

At a South African mountain bike competition recently, Evan van der Spuy, was very lucky to have escaped serious injury after a run-in with a male antelope.

Run-in is putting it mildly.  The antelope charges the rider and simply plows him over.  Spuy suffered only whiplash and a concussion, despite the fact that his helmet was nearly split in half.
“I saw the animal moving to cross the road in front of me, but when I saw how close it really was, I was shocked" said Spuy. "Then, from the moment it hit me I was unconscious. I actually don’t know what happened from then.”
Check this unbelievable video out and see how lucky Spuy was to not have been killed:

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