Thursday, October 20, 2011

Ronnie Brown May Be Pissed, But Defaulted Trade Resulted From Finding Brain Tumor In Jerome Harrison

For many fantasy football fanatics, the rumors of the trade between the Detroit Lions and the Philadelphia Eagles yesterday was big news.  Ronnie Brown was to leave the Eagles and head to the Lions to backup Jahvid Best, who is currently suffering from the second concussion of this season.

The Lions were set to give the Eagles Jerome Harrison and an additional undisclosed pick in return.  Harrison had been the featured running back before the arrival of Peyton Hillis for the Cleveland Browns for the past 3-4 years, but had been signed as a free agent by Detroit in the pre-season this year.

However, the trade was voided because Harrison failed his physical.  The reason why he failed his physical was even more astounding than the trade being voided in the first place.

Jerome Harrison has a brain tumor.

Of all the reasons to fail a physical in the NFL, a brain tumor is certainly one of the most unusual.  Some are saying that the physical that Harrison received may have saved his life, but only time will tell once the tumor is diagnosed and hopefully treated.

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