Sunday, September 18, 2011

Tim Tebow Plays Wide Receiver For the Denver Broncos, Could See Increased Role

In today's Denver Broncos game against the Cincinnati Bengals, we finally got to see Tim Tebow get some playing time in 2011.

It wasn't at quarterback, however.  It was at wide receiver.

Tim Tebow Practices At Receiver
Photo: Getty Images
The Broncos have been suffering from a rash of injuries, especially on offense.  Brandon Lloyd was ruled out for the game earlier, and then Eddie Royal appeared to pull his hamstring in the second quarter.

With just a couple starting wide receivers left, the Broncos turned to Tebow to get out on the field and run a few plays as a slot receiver.

This isn't out of the blue, however.  Chris Mortensen of ESPN is reporting that Tebow, frustrated that he was just standing around at practice, asked to play wide receiver with the scout team this past week.

Given the Broncos' injury woes, it's possible that Tebow could play an increasing role in the weeks to come in that department.  It's a win/win situation. He gets on the field and contributes (which he wants), and the Broncos get another threat.

Any bets on whether Orton would actually throw to him? Wouldn't that be a strange sight.

Kinda like seeing Tebow out there lining up in the slot.

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