Friday, September 16, 2011

NFL Fans Attending Games To Be Subjected To Full Body Pat Downs Starting This Week

In an complete over-reaction to one idiot at the New York Jets-Dallas Cowboys Sunday night football game this past week, the NFL is going TSA.

As in, full body pat downs will be the order this weekend at all NFL stadiums.  In an effort to try and make the fans feel more secure, the NFL has ensured that security lines will be longer and that tempers will no doubt flare.

Will it enhance security? I doubt it.  Hey, if someone wants to smuggle in a weapon or something else illegal and do something terrible with it, then they're probably going to find a way.  Sadly, it's rather surprising that it hasn't happened already.

Expect to hear a lot of stories from various stadiums this Sunday about fans becoming irate about the searches.  One, because it's new and it's going to slow their entry into the stadium.  Secondly, because those that are already "lubed up" (to borrow a phrase from Tom Brady), confrontation will be inevitable.

What happens in a month or so when conditions turn so cold in some cities that everyone comes in wearing a parka? How could a pat down find anything then?

So much for enhancing that live game experience at the stadiums! Unless you like the full-body pat down, of course.

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