Monday, September 5, 2011

Maryland Unveils The Most Awful Uniforms Known To College Football EVER

Under Armour is usually known for their slick-looking, futuristic clothing line, but one has to wonder what they were thinking when they unveiled the new uniforms they designed for the University of Maryland football team.

Fear This Multi-Colored Turtle!!
Photo: James Lang/US Presswire
Seriously, what were they thinking?

Under Armour apparently didn't disclose the uniforms to the players until they had come back in from warmups.  So just before gametime was the first time they'd see them.

Now we know why.  Too late to back out of this decision!

Photo: Toni L. Sandys/Washington Post
The good news is that there are apparently more combinations that can be made out of these uniforms. As long as they don't use the split-design helmet/jersey, I think most of America will be happy.

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