Monday, September 26, 2011

Kyle Orton Not Doing Enough To Keep Tim Tebow On Bench Much Longer

Here's an incredible stat, courtesy of

Kyle Orton, since Week One of the 2010 season, has a QB rating of 46.2 when the Broncos are trailing by 8 points or less with less than 10 minutes to go in the game.

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Here's another crazy stat: In those 11 drives that Orton has led the Broncos where they're down by 8 points or less within the final 10 minutes of the game, the Broncos have only scored ONE touchdown.

Orton doesn't have that "It" quality that Tebow seems to have when things are the most pressure-packed.  Most likely, this can be attributed to Tebow's running ability. Orton runs as if he's constantly in a sand pit.

With the next two games against the Packers and the Chargers, the Broncos are looking at a steep uphill battle this season.  Currently 1-2, and with only 5 potentially winnable games for the rest of the year (two against the Chiefs, one against the Dolphins, Vikings, and another one against the Raiders), the reality is that Tim Tebow is going to get a shot this year.

If Orton was lighting it up with the Broncos offense, he'd have a decent chance to get a contract extension later in the season.  As it stands right now, it won't be long before he loses his job.

Current Orton stats: 

  • 22nd in the league in passing yards/game (224)
  • QB rating of 79.1 - good enough for 24th in the league
  • 3 Interceptions to 5 Touchdowns
  • Denver is currently rated 26th in total offense
It's simple math. Orton is not going to be the quarterback of the future for the Broncos. That much is extremely obvious.  Once the Broncos get to, say 4-8, there's little reason to NOT give Tebow a chance over the last four games. 

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