Thursday, September 29, 2011

Kevlar Is the Newest Line Of Defense For...Football Players??

In the past couple football seasons, there is a new innovation in protective wear being used by players.


The same ultra-hard/protective material used to stop bullets is now being applied to NFL padding.

Tony Romo wore a kevlar-laced vest last week (and will continue to wear) to protect his broken ribs.

Michael Vick wore a similar vest last season to protect his ribs, and this year will wear a kevlar glove to protect his severely bruised right hand (non-throwing).

Vick is a spokesperson for Unequal Technologies, the company behind this new Kevlar padding.  He was supposedly wearing the helmet shock absorbers that are designed to reduce the possiblity of head injury.  I guess back to the drawing board on that particular product.

That being said, there are other athletes who have worn the Kevlar padding.  Among them include Ben Roethlisberger, members of the Boston Bruins during last year's Stanley Cup playoffs, and some college football players.  They all swear that the material protected better than the typical padding while still being so lightweight as to not affect performance.

Wave of the future?  No doubt.  As far as its claims to be able to reduce concussion risk, I'll believe that when I see it. There's still nothing that can be done to limit the jostling around of a brain inside the skull.

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