Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Fantasy Football 2011 - How To Adjust Your Team For Week 2

Full disclosure: I won both of my games in my two fantasy leagues last week.  In my Keeper league, I actually scored 176 points behind strong performances from Tom Brady, Wes Welker, Ray Rice, and Beanie Wells.

However, even I'm making fantasy roster adjustments in the next few days. I'm trolling through the waiver wire to see who is out there to pick up.  One of the biggest mistakes fantasy owners can make once they start winning is to keep their team the way it is.  I had a disappointing day from Owen Daniels, so I went out and found another backup tight end in case he continues his slow start.  I'm also temporarily benching Vincent Jackson until the San Diego offense wakes up.  In his place is Reggie Bush, who probably only has a half dozen games in him until he gets injured.  I'll start him while I can.

First of all, do not go and drop a potential fantasy stud just because he had a bad game last week (such as Matt Ryan).  The only reason to drop a potential stud is injury, such as San Diego's kicker Nate Kaeding who tore his ACL on Sunday.

Second of all, if someone in your league commits a bonehead mistake and DOES drop an underachieving stud, go get him.  Sit him on your bench, but go get him.

I'm not going to give too many suggestions following Week One; primarily because it's far too early to know how the season is going to go for anyone not injured.  As the weeks go by, true fantasy waiver gems will be illuminated.

Right now I'm going to talk about players who are unlikely to be taken in your league at this time but should be.  You should be able to still find most of these guys on waivers.

Okay, let's look at some different positions to see where you can improve your team:


Guys To Drop: 

  • Donovan McNabb (clearly the Vikings are going to go run-heavy)
  • Kerry Collins (granted, he might be able to rebound, but he's not going to be near the stats Peyton always had),
  • Luke McKown (not going to be a steady producer of points this year, and there are better options)

Guys To Grab (as backups):

  • Cam Newton - I would never consider starting this guy, but clearly he's going to be allowed to throw the ball this year.  While it's highly unlikely he'll see his Week 1 success even close to being duplicated, he's a solid backup choice
  • Rex Grossman - Until he loses the starting job to John Beck, he should put up decent numbers
  • Colt McCoy - It may not be pretty at times, but despite the poor stats this week, he still put up decent fantasy numbers. The Browns will need to throw the ball.
Running Backs

Guys To Drop:
  • I'm not going to flat out tell you to drop someone this week, but I will tell you to bench a few guys right now.  I don't like Ryan Matthews' lack of touches versus Mike Tolbert.  Shonne Greene is still being outperformed by LaDanian Tomlinson.  
Guys To Grab:
  • Ben Tate - While there's concern about Arian Foster's hamstring and Derrick Ward injured his ankle in Sunday's game, Ben Tate is right now the clear beneficiary. 
  • Cadillac Williams - With Steven Jackson going out Week 1 with an injured quad, Williams is now the main guy in St. Louis. Until Jackson's proven himself healthy again, Williams should see a majority of the touches.
Wide Receivers

Guys To Drop
  • I wouldn't drop them, but I'd certainly bench the Colts receivers right now if you have a more viable backup.  Until Collins can master that offense, all of those guys are suspect.
  • I'm also concerned about the Seattle wide receivers (ALL of them). 
Guys To Grab
  • Jacoby Jones - He's due to be the 2nd receiver for Houston now that Kevin Walter is out for at least a couple of weeks. He's not a starter unless you're really desperate for help.
  • Mike Sims-Walker or Danario Alexander - The Rams offense is going to improve, and with the loss of Danny Amendola for the season (and the temporary loss of Steven Jackson), there's a ton of passes that have to be caught by somebody
Tight Ends

Guys To Drop
  • Bench the following guys until they start to produce
    • Chris Cooley - Fred Davis might be THE guy now in Washington
    • Heath Miller - there are just too many better options
    • Visanthe Shiancoe - McNabb's not there yet, and the offense is very run-heavy
Guys To Grab
  • Fred Davis - Until Cooley is fully healthy, Davis is the #1 guy.  He might stay that way even after Cooley is 100%.

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