Saturday, September 10, 2011

Could Conference Realignment Ultimately Mean a BCS Bowl Playoff System Is Necessary?

If you're an SEC fan, one would think you're not all that terribly happy with the way the BCS conferences are restructuring.

As the Big 12 has slowly been crumbling, other conferences are picking up the defectors.  The Big Ten took in Nebraska, and the Pac-10 took Colorado.

Now Texas A&M is leaving the Big 12 (pending a legal challenge by Baylor) and going to the SEC, making it that conferences' 13th team.  Another team will need to be added to keep the divisions equal, and it's almost certain that it will be an already successful football program.

Currently, the SEC East and West Look Like this:

East                                 West
Florida                            Alabama
Georgia                          Arkansas
Kentucky                        Auburn
South Carolina               LSU
Tennessee                     Ole Miss
Vanderbilt                      Mississippi State

Texas A&M is certainly an old, storied football program with the kind of fan/alumni support that would have it fit in well in the SEC West.

However, who would the 14th team be? The SEC certainly would want another football power, and teams such as Florida State and Virginia Tech have been mentioned.

In the past 10 years, LSU has won the SEC Championship Game three times, Auburn twice, Florida twice, Georgia twice, and Alabama once.  Currently, the most dominating teams in the SEC are Alabama and LSU, with teams like Florida, South Carolina, Georgia, and Auburn ready to break through.

Adding two more quality teams to the SEC makes it that much harder for any one team to reach the SEC Championship game, and, more importantly, makes it that much harder to get into a BCS bowl game.  What happens when a two-or-three-loss SEC team makes it into a BCS bowl game over a one-loss Big Team?  It will happen.

Perhaps in some way, this proposed realignment can make a BCS playoff more likely.  If you have four super-conferences, you can take the top two finishers in those conferences for the BCS playoff.  Add in two at-large teams, giving the top two seeds in the playoff a first round bye.

It would be awesome, which is why is won't be happening any time soon.

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