Thursday, September 15, 2011

Contrary To Some Denver Broncos Fans' Wishes, Tim Tebow Isn't Getting Off The Bench Any Time Soon

It was bound to happen.  The first loss where the Denver Broncos offense had some difficulty, and the fans would be screaming for Tim Tebow.

Photo: Denver Post
Orton threw for 304 yards (24-46 with one touchdown, one interception, and one fumble lost), but it was a very inefficient outing. There were times when his throws were off, and times when he didn't make the right read (I only say this because watching the game, I'd see an open guy on the replay that Orton missed).  He's not that mobile, so he can't take off running when the play breaks down. Orton also doesn't have the great history.  He's never thrown for more than 20 touchdowns in a season, and never had a quarterback rating for a season above 88.

However, screaming for Tebow isn't going to help anything.  The only way Tebow sees the field this year is if the Broncos are clearly out of the playoffs after mid-season, or if Orton gets hurt.  Even then, I'd rather see Brady Quinn get a chance.

Both Orton and Quinn are in the last season of their contracts and it would be nice to know Quinn was good enough to either be the starter or a solid backup.  Orton will be gone at the end of this year.  He believes he's still a starter in this league, but the Broncos aren't going to pay him great money to keep him after 2011.

Part of Orton's problem with Denver fans is that he not terribly cuddly.  He's not great on television, he doesn't cater to the fans, and he really doesn't even look like an NFL quarterback (although he is 6'4").  It's hard to really be passionate about the guy.

I do believe that Tebow gives them opportunities that Orton does not.  He can evade the defensive rush better, and can even occasionally do a nice bootleg.  However, if the Broncos want to run the offense they've designed, Tebow must play within the boundaries of that offense.  Clearly, he is not there yet or he would be starting.

In any case, it's simply one game.  Orton is not the biggest problem.  You can also blame the offensive coordinator, the offensive line...just go down the list.

The Broncos, whether they admit it or not, are rebuilding.  Chanting for Tebow during the game doesn't help, nor does putting up billboards in Denver demanding that Tebow start.  Fans are impatient after two terrible seasons under Josh McDaniels, but they are going to need to give this new coaching staff time to re-make the team. The defense is showing promise, and eventually the offense will improve.  They just need time.

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