Sunday, September 4, 2011

Big Thumbs Down On The Nike Pro Combat University of Georgia Uniforms

Losing to Boise State had nothing to do with it: I do not like the Nike Pro Combat uniforms for the University of Georgia (my alma mater).  This team did not look like my Dawgs. Tradition is a big part of the southern football culture, and these uniforms just fly in the face of it.

The color scheme isn't a good mix. I couldn't stand the shade of red that was used. It looked terrible on my tv screen (not HD).  With no striping or change in color from jersey to pants, the players easily blended into each other on my screen.

Photo: Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images
Thankfully, these are uniforms meant to be worn only on special occasions (hopefully never again, but that's doubtful).  That's why, I believe, the players' names weren't on the backs of their uniforms.  At least, that's what I hoped.  Because there is basically no other good reason for the Bulldogs to have "Georgia" on the back of every single player.

I would have much preferred number only than inserting the team name, which is a uniform move I've never seen.  I also greatly dislike the usage of the phrase "Pro Combat" for these uniforms.  For one, these players aren't professional, but most importantly they're also not soldiers.

Nike, you totally missed it this time.

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