Friday, September 23, 2011

Abby Wambach, USA's Women's National Team Puts On Quite A Show Against Canada

The USA Women's National Soccer Team has put on a few friendly matches against Canada in the past few weeks in a mini-national tour of sorts following their rather popular run in the World Cup.

Last night, USA defeated Canada rather soundly 3-0.  Abby Wambach, by far America's most well-known and popular female soccer player right now (until Hope Solo wins Dancing With The Stars), scored two of the goals in a highly dramatic fashion.

Young phenom Alex Morgan scored the third goal after coming on in substitution late in the match.

Here is the first goal.  It's a BULLET shot, blind, and somehow finds the upper corner.  If only the guys could score like this.

Here's Wambach's second goal: a diving header. A vintage Wambach goal.

Finally, Alex Morgan punches one in from close-range.

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