Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Tim Tebow's Jersey Sales Fall As He Falls on Denver Broncos Depth Chart

Tebow-mania seems to be slipping in Denver and around the country.  Last year, Tebow's replica jersey was the top -seller at the NFL online store.  This year, from April 1 to this past Monday, Tebow's jersey is #10 in overall sales.

Now I would contend that the majority of Tebow fans that loved him from his University of Florida days bought his jersey as soon as it was available.  Denver fans came in and swooped up a large supply of them after he was both drafted and then performed decently in the final three games of last season.  

However, outside of Denver, there's little need for the rest of NFL fans to get a Tebow jersey at this time and that's how your market share tumbles.  

  • The Broncos have not been a good team for a while.  Typically, a jersey will sell much better on a team that goes deep in the playoffs.
  • Tebow is clearly no longer a starter, and people typically won't wear a jersey of a player that isn't playing.  Unless he's awesome and retired, like John Elway (#7).  
  • The top three selling jerseys right now are:
    • Aaron Rodgers - Green Bay
    • Clay Matthews - Green Bay
    • Troy Polamalu - Pittsburgh
  • Those three players all played in last year's Super Bowl, and were elected to the Pro Bowl.  Tebow wasn't at all close to either of these accomplishments.  In order to grow your uniform sales, you have to get better as a player, and your team has to perform as well.
If Tebow becomes a starter again, whether at quarterback or another position, his popularity and jersey sales will take off.  It's not a huge deal. He still sells far more jerseys than any other guy on his team.

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