Saturday, August 6, 2011

Rockies Pitcher Nicasio Breaks His Neck After Taking Line Drive To The Face

A scary scene played out yesterday in Denver when Colorado Rockies pitcher Juan Nicasio took a line drive to the head off the bat of Washington Nationals shortstop Ian Desmond.

Trainers Stabilize Nicasio's Neck After He Was Hit By a Line Drive
Photo: Barry Gutierrez/AP
Today it was revealed that Nicasio, among other injuries, sustained a fracture to his first cervical (C1) vertebrae, necessitating emergency surgery.

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Nicasio was rushed to Denver Health Medical Center where neurosurgeons inserted two screws and a plate to stabilize the cervical fracture.  CT scans showed no damage to the spinal cord at that time, and he has been able to move his arms and legs.  It is unclear if Nicasio suffered the fracture from the line drive or when he hit the ground head-first.

Nicasio also apparently suffered bleeding inside his skull, and is having repeated CT scans every few hours to check the status of the bleed.  If the blood were to continue to build, putting pressure on his brain, surgery would be needed to relieve the pressure.

Nicasio was in his first year in the majors, having been promoted in May from AA to replace the injured Jorge De La Rosa.

The Rockies continue to endure a tough season, with now a second promising pitcher out for the year just a week after trading their Ace, Ubaldo Jiminez, to the Indians.

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