Wednesday, August 17, 2011

OSU Not Aware Of Terrelle Pryor's Newest Violations And Why All Of This Is Stupid

Interesting how the controversy around Terrelle Pryor is getting more complicated and more sordid by the day as he waits to see if he will be included in the NFL Supplemental Draft.

The latest revelation today was that Pryor confessed to the NCAA during their investigation that his "mentor", Ted Sarniak, gave him and his mother money and other gifts while he was at Ohio State.

Now, while I can totally believe that the above allegation is true, the timing of such revelation is curious.  On top of that, officials at Ohio State University are claiming that they had no knowledge of this.

So did Pryor once again throw OSU under the proverbial NCAA bus just to try and prove his case that he wouldn't have been eligible to play this year?  One would think that the NCAA would have notified OSU of all the violations that Pryor had committed, proven or confessed.

Then again, is Pryor simply pulling out all the last stops before he is declared ineligible for the Supplemental Draft?  Is this coming from Sarniak, or even from Pryor's agent, Drew Rosenhaus? If Sarniak approved it, then he just trashed his own reputation in order for Pryor to make the NFL (if that's the case, I'd be very concerned if I was Pryor about this guy's actual intentions once Pryor is in the NFL).

Does Pryor not understand that with each new revelation, he looks less and less promising to the NFL?

The really unfortunate thing is that there are five other players who didn't commit violations the way Pryor did who are ready and willing to be taken in the Supplemental Draft.  Because of Pryor's (and his agent/mentor/family/lawyer) feelings of entitlement, these players are getting a later start on their future teams than they otherwise would.

Just think, all of this wasted time on a player who will never be a good NFL quarterback, either.

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