Monday, August 22, 2011

Count The New Cy-Hawk Trophy For Iowa-Iowa St Rivalry As One Of Sports Biggest Blunders

This goes right up there with naming the two divisions of the Big Ten Conference, Legends and Leaders.  In what has to be the worst new trophy idea in college football, the Cy-Hawk trophy (given to the winner of the annual Iowa-Iowa State game) went from showcasing a player with a football to a family of four surrounded a basket of corn.  Seriously.

Old Trophy:

New Trophy, co-sponsored by the Iowa Corn Growers Association (can you tell?):

Photo: Andrea Melendez/Des Moines Register
This new trophy is most certainly a nice sculpture.  Unveiled at the Iowa State Fair last Friday, it doesn't look out of place there.  That's the problem.  This is supposed to be a rivalry trophy.  Rivalries are messy, ugly affairs....they're not a cute little farm family gathering to discuss the crop on a crisp fall afternoon.

Supposedly objection to the new Cy-Hawk trophy has been building, and tomorrow the Iowa Corn Growers Association is expected to comment on the trophy they co-sponsored.  Seriously, guys, the trophy should be about the game, not you!

It's no bronze boot, that's for sure.

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