Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Tiki Barber Says Pittsburgh, Tampa Bay His Favorite Landing Spots

You know it's a slow news day when Tiki Barber's musings are making the front page.

He apparently has received an offer from former New York Giants coach to play in the United Football League, which begins games in August.  That would actually be a smart choice for Tiki, as he could show the NFL and his future potential teams there his game skills and ability haven't diminished.

However, Tiki is also apparently saying that he feels that Pittsburgh and Tampa Bay are two teams on his "short list" of where he would like to sign in the NFL.

Wishful thinking, Tiki.  Tampa Bay is filled with a core of young players, where character and leadership are being drilled into them by head coach Raheem Morris.  Regardless of the fact that Tiki's brother, Ronde, plays on the team, it's highly doubtful that Morris would bring a well-known poor locker room influence into such a young team at a time when they're having playoff expectations again.

Pittsburgh as well would be extremely unlikely to bring Barber on the team.  Steeler Nation would go into an immediate uproar.  Barber has just burned a few too many bridges to think that he's going to get back onto a winning, playoff-contending NFL team.

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