Friday, July 29, 2011

Seven Things To Consider After This Stunning Week Of NFL Action

My head is still spinning after all of the free agency news that emerged from the NFL this week.  We really won't know how all of these massive changes will affect each individual team til we see things on the field.  However, after a week of radical moves, these are my thoughts:

  • Tom Brady should be very happy getting a receiver who actually will run routes AND cross over the middle; Chad Johnson is a very, very smart receiver who cares about winning a great deal, and the combination of him and Brady should open up the Patriots offense once again like it did in the first year with Moss. He won't be a distraction for the Patriots, but rather a source of fun that always seems to be missing from that team.
  • Are the Eagles actually brewing a Super Bowl contender? I still say that they are weak at quarterback behind Vick, but adding Nnamdi Asomugha at cornerback was a bold move.  That was a move to help themselves in the post-season, as the NFC East doesn't look to be a heavy passing threat.  No, this was to protect themselves against Green Bay and Atlanta.
  • Does Miami really think that by signing Matt Moore that their quarterback search is over? I still think that this is a bluff and they still attempt to sign Kyle Orton away from the Broncos.
  • That leads me to the Broncos, who will most definitely trade away Orton before the beginning of the season.  Orton is in his last year of his contract, and he is not the permanent answer at QB that Denver wants.  It's a transition year for the Broncos, and fans are willing to give Tebow a chance to grow into the role.  If he bombs, and Denver tanks, then they could be in position to draft a player like Andrew Luck or Matt Barkley next year.
  • Is Washington going to actually go with their quarterback tandem of John Beck and Rex Grossman? Really?????  Do they know that Kyle Orton is available?
  • How happy is Sam Bradford that he came out a year early?  This year's #1 draft pick overall, Cam Newton, only got $22 million over 4 years.  That's a full $56 million less in overall money, and $28 million less in guaranteed money than Bradford got last year.
  • Tennessee and Minnesota did the right thing in signing a proven veteran to guide and protect their young rookie quarterbacks.  They could have simply signed a camp arm, but they instead got quality guys that will mentor those young franchise quarterbacks.  Nice to see that again.

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