Tuesday, July 12, 2011

MLB Reviewing Safety at Stadiums In Wake Of Texas Tragedy

Major League Baseball commissioner, Bud Selig, announced today that a full review of every stadium's safety features was underway by MLB.  This is a direct response to the death of the Rangers fan last week, who fell over a low railing in an attempt to catch a ball thrown to him by Josh Hamilton.

Each stadium's safety protocols are written and supervised by each team, in accordance with local laws.
It's highly unclear if this review will accomplish anything but exhibit due diligence on the part of MLB.  It's surprising that these types of accidents don't happen more often, with fans (who may or may not have been drinking) eager to grab baseballs combined with low railings.

Yesterday at the Home Run Derby, a fan almost fell out of the stands attempting to catch a home run and was saved by the quick actions of those around him.

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