Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Is Pujols really Superman? Heals Broken Bones in Half the Time?

The St. Louis Cardinals announced that their star first baseman, Albert Pujols, will be returning to the team this week after breaking a bone in his forearm on June 19.

Originally, the medical opinions were that he was going to be on the DL for a minimum of six weeks, and everyone reported it as such.  How is it that he's back in just a little over two weeks?

My thought is that the original fracture must have been a small one, perhaps even a hairline fracture.  One feels pain from a fracture bone because the nerve endings in the area are inflamed.  If this was indeed a small fracture, I'd assume that most of his pain actually came from the soft tissue surrounding the injured area, and that the fracture itself is too small to be that significant.

What's interesting is that the Cardinals are activating him from the DL and thinking about playing him right away off the bench as a pinch hitter.  That means he's obviously able to swing a bat and that they'd feel comfortable with him sliding head first, I hope.

Pujols says he feels no pain and has hit balls from a pitching machine throwing up to 90 mph.  If that's true, that's pretty remarkable considering the original diagnosis and estimated time out.

On the other hand, why not wait until next week to think about playing Pujols? Let his arm heal through the All-Star break another week and make sure he's ready to come back?

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