Monday, July 18, 2011

Interesting and Weird Post-Final Notes about Japan-USA World Cup

Some very interesting notes and facts after yesterday's World Cup Final:
  • Ratings were through the roof! An 8.6 to be exact (equaling roughly that 8.6% of all tvs in the 36 major tv outlets in America were turned to the game), which would make it the second most watched women's soccer game in the States ever (first is the 1999 World Cup Final when it was held in California).  In comparison, the British Open coverage on ESPN earlier that day drew a 2.6.
  • Twitter was blown apart.  The World Cup Final became the most tweeted-about topic on Twitter ever, with a peak of 7,196 tweets/second during the time that the game was on-going.  Previously, the record had been held by the Royal Wedding in April.
  • Speaking of Twitter, the women of the American team saw a huge jump in their twitter followers by the end of the World Cup.  Abby Wambach joined Twitter the day before the final, and within three days has garnered over 51,000 followers.  Hope Solo's numbers jumped dramatically as well, with followers numbering 190,000.  Alex Morgan, the youngest player on the squad, now has over 150,000 followers.
  • The women will get back to action soon with their Women's Professional Soccer League teams.  However, later in the year they will most likely do a national tour, playing friendly matches throughout the country.
  • Lovely video/report about Japan's reaction at home to their team's win:

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