Friday, November 25, 2011

Colt McCoy Got Hazed By Eric Mangini Staff: This Surprises Who?

There's a good article out today on Yahoo about how the former Cleveland Browns offensive coordinator under Eric Mangini was pretty verbally abusive to quarterback Colt McCoy when he was a rookie in 2010.

I'm not sure if the idea that he was hazed hard because he was a rookie is at all unusual by certain coaching staffs.  However, in this particular case, it does seem abusive.

In the interview, McCoy describes several instances in which he was non-stop verbally berated by offensive coordinator Brian Daboll during unusual circumstances. Such as when he was running the scout team, or when he filled in to run a fullback route during a walk-through, or even in a team meeting when he brought up a game that McCoy played in college.

McCoy's teammates also comment on the situation, frequently commenting that they couldn't believe the kind of abuse he was receiving.

Eric Mangini has never been known as a player's coach.  If anything, he was known to be particularly hard on his players to the point of instigating player revolts.  That he would hire assistants that agreed with his heavy-handedness is not surprising.

Brian Daboll is currently the offensive coordinator in Miami, and I'm pretty sure he's not lost his badgering ways.  After all, Miami Head coach is Tony Sparano and came up under Bill Parcells (also not known to be a cuddly guy).

In any case, McCoy did make it through the year and even won a few games.  If he had any doubts as to the jerk-quality of Daboll and how he shouldn't let the season-long harassment bother him, he probably got an answer when he went to see Brett Favre in the off-season.  Favre invited McCoy down to his ranch to teach him the West Coast offense (McCoy's new offensive style this year in Cleveland).

I'm sure Favre had a thing or two to say about Daboll.  After all, he was Favre's quarterbacks coach the one year he was with the New York Jets.

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