Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Michael Vick Lands Another Endorsement Deal

When Michael Vick returned to the NFL a few years ago after serving a 20-month prison sentence for (among other things) dog fighting, many thought that he would never succeed in the league again, let alone be signed to endorsements.

A dramatic and successful 2010 NFL season with the Philadelphia Eagles changed all that, and now Vick is being seen as a endorsement opportunity again.

  • In January of this year, he signed with Unequal Technologies, a producer of football pads
  • On July 1, he re-signed with Nike.  This was significant because Nike had never re-signed an athlete that it had dropped before.  Vick had been getting complimentary gear since his return to the NFL, but now it looks as thought Nike wants to cash in again on Vick's rising popularity.
  • Today he also signed with Double Eagle Holdings, to be the spokesman for Fuse Science, a sports nutrition company.
These are significant events for Vick, as he is still in the midst of a bankruptcy plan to repay the $20 million that he owed creditors prior to his prison sentence. Initially he was scheduled to pay off his debts by 2014, but with these new endorsement deals and a possible new contract later this year if he continues to perform on the field, that payoff date could come a lot earlier.  

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